I am native from Rockland in Ontario.  I’ve always been an active girl who loves to play several sports. I started to throw the javelin in grade nine.  I continued to throw competitively for 18 years.  I always loved to help people around me.  So I coached throws for the track and field team at my high school.  I did this for 14 years.  I also decided to study teaching to be able to help the next generation.  I stayed a teacher for a few years.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be give a hundred percent to my javelin and be the teacher I wanted to be.  Therefore, I changed careers for something that was more flexible.  I got my personal trainer certification.  After two years of being a trainer, I opened my gym in Rockland.  Afterwards, I moved the gym to Bourget.  Unfortunately, I had to close down the gym in Bourget.  These experiences helped me discover how much I love having a business and helping others.